The acknowledgement feature in Expiration Reminder allows you request feedback from users about a specific expiration and taking actions on the item depending on their response.

Enabling acknowledgement

To enable acknowledgement, go to the expiration item, click on the Acknowledgement tab and select yes from the radio button. After enabling, all emails going out for this specific item, will have a link to an acknowledgement page.



You’ll also be presented with different configuration options that are outlined below:

Enable Yes/No Question

This will present on the acknowledge screen a question to user requesting a response. Generally is a question around if the renewal needs to be completed or no. The response allows to configure later on specific email notifications based on the answer.

This is how the question looks like on the acknowledge page.


Allow Expiration Date Change

This will show on the acknowledge screen the option to change the expiration date on the item. This is how the date looks like on the acknowledge page.


Allow attachments to be viewed

This will show on the acknowledge screen all the attachments related to the item. This is how the date looks like on the acknowledge page.


Require responder to login

This will ask the user requesting the acknowledge to login into Expiration Reminder before seeing the acknowledge page. For this, the user must have an account on in the system.

Auto renew on acknowledgement

Using this feature will allow an auto renewal item to be renewed when the answer to the acknowledge question is yes. To configure auto renewal on acknowledge, you’ll need to tick the Do not auto renew until an acknowledgement is received check box on the expiration item.