Expiration Reminder provides a Trello Power-Up that allows to attach expiration items directly into Trello card or create expiration items from inside Trello. This way you can information related to a contract renewal directly inside a Trello card or create an expiration item for an employee certification from Trello card that holds employee or candidate information.


Things to know before you begin

  • You need to have an Expiration Reminder account already created to be able to connect the Trello Power-Up.

Setting up the Trello-Up

In Trello, go to Show Menu and the click on Power-Ups. From the list, select Expiration Reminder:


  1. Go to Show Menu on Trello.
  2. On the screen, look for Trello Power-Ups.er-trello-20
  3. From the list, select Expiration Reminder and click on Enable.er-trello-21
  4. Once enabled, you’ll need to link your Expiration Reminder account with Trello.

Linking Expiration Reminder and Trello

To link your Expiration Reminder account with Trello, click on the Expiration Reminder button and click on Attach an Expiration Item. This will show the green button to Link the account:


Then, on the login screen, login to Expiration Reminder and then click on the green button Allow to allow Trello to access your Expiration Reminder account.



Attaching an expiration item

You can attach an expiration item to a card by clicking on the Expiration Reminder button and from the menu select Attach An Expiration Item.


This will show a popup that will allow you to search for an expiration item:



From there, select the item that you’d like to attach. It’ll now show on the Trello card:


Creating an expiration item

You can create an expiration item from Trello by clicking on the Expiration Reminder button and from the menu select Create An Expiration Item.


On the create screen, select the category and the expiration date. The name of the expiration will be auto populated from the card but can be change to anything.



Need more help?

Don’t worry, just send us an email to support@expirationreminder.net and we can assist. This also includes if you have any suggestions for tasks that you would like our integration to be able to do.