In Expiration Reminder, there are different events that occurs during the lifetime of an expiration item. Each of these event trigger a different kind of type of notification. Each type of notification comes with default email template or content.

Below you can find the different types of notifications.


Alerts are the most basic type of notifications and these are triggers before an item is about to expire. All reminders before the expiration date are called alerts. The default email template is also called Alert.

For SMS, the default template for alerts is called Mobile.

Expired notification

The expired notification gets triggered when an item has already expired. The default email template is called Expired Alert. For SMS, the default template is called Mobile Alert.

After expire notifications

After expire notifications are triggered after an item has expired. For them to go out, you must configure the Send after expire alerts option on the expiration item. The default email template for these is called AfterExpired. For SMS, is called AfterExpiredMobile.