Automatically verify SSL Certificates expiration date using Expiration Reminder.


To setup SSL certifiates as a source for smart updates, click on Categories on the top menu and then click on Add a New Category.


In the add category screen, click on the Smart tab and tick the Is Smart checkbox.


From the selection boxes, select IT from Type, then SSL Certificate.


Then click on Add Category.

Adding a new expiration

After creating the smart category, the next step is to create an expiration. Click on Expirations on the top menu and then click Add a new Expiration.


From the add a new expiration screen, select the newly created category. On the Website URL field, enter the jurisdiction number of the elevator and click Check. Expiration Reminder will automatically connect to the source and get the expiration date. A dialog will show up with the information.


If everything is correct, click on the Apply button to apply this information. Extra fields will be saved as Custom Fields in the expiration automatically.


Click on Add Reminder and the system will automatically keep the expiration up to date for you.