If you need to send notifications to more than person for a specific item, you can use the contact feature. You can add as many contacts as needed to an expiration item.

Adding contacts to an item

Follow these steps to add contacts to an item:

  • Step 1: Go to the contacts tab on the expiration item.er-add-item-contact-1
  • Step 2: Select Yes on assign a related contact.er-add-item-contact-2
  • Step 3: On the text box, type the name of the contact. er-add-item-contact-3
  • Step 4: To add more contacts, just type another name.er-add-item-contact-4
  • Step 5: Tick the send a copy to this contact if you’d like notifications to be sent to the selected contacts.er-add-item-contact-5
  • Step 6: Click save.er-add-item-contact-6

Removing a contact

To remove a contact, click on the X beside the contact name and click save.