When a large number of expiration items need to be created and maintained on a regular basis, typing repetitive information can be difficult. For this reason we’ve created the concept of templates that, if configured properly, can cut up to 80% of the data entry when adding items. You basically just need to enter the item name and the expiration date.

Configuring templates

Templates are configured at the category level. If you go any category, you’ll see at the bottom an option called Set Expiration Item Defaults. If you click yes, a new set of fields will show up to allow to configure the default information that’ll be used when creating a new expiration item.


What information can be configured as default

The following information can be set as a default.


Click on the Add Reminder link to configure how many reminders to send when this category is selected, the frequency and the email templates to be used. You can configure as many as needed.


Send alerts after expiration

Configure is alerts will be sent after expiration and how often to send them.

Auto Renew

Configure if items with this category will auto renew and for how much extra time it’ll be.

Enable Acknowledgement

Configure if items with this category will have acknowledgements.

How to use the default template

When you go now and create a new expiration item, all the default information and fields configured in the category will automatically be populated in the item when the category is selected. No extra typing is needed.