Tags allows you to add labels or tags to expiration items to identify them with a specific characteristic. They’re commonly used to designate a status to the expiration item or just to classify them into certain groups for later filtering.

You can have multiple tags configured in Expiration Reminder for many different things. Each tag can have its own color to differentiate them from other tags.


Adding tags

To add a tag, click on Your Account on the top menu, Settings and then click Tags.


In that screen, click on Add a new Tag.


The tag screen

The tag screen has two fields:

  • The name which is the name of the tag
  • The color which specifies what color the tag will have


Adding a tag to expiration item

Once a tag is added in your account, a new button will show on the Expirations screen called “Add tag”. When clicking this button, you’ll be able to add a tag to an expiration.

An expiration item can have multiple tags added to it. Just click on Add tag to keep adding tags to the expiration.



You can filter expiration items with specific tags by using the search filter on top of expirations:


You can also use the dashboard Tags section to filter data in the dashboard based on tags: